Expotextil Perú 2017

From 18th to 21st October 2017 

The fairs return to their origin place...
Ciudad Ferial Costa Verde, San Miguel. Lima - Perú
Plastic Concept
Concepto 360

Why exhibit?

1. Because you will have contact with thousands of potential qualified customers buying decision.
2. Because it’s the perfect opportunity to develop business relationships with companies, buyers, sales representatives and strategic partners both nationally and internationally.
3. For their participation in the fair, products and / or services make profits due to the diffusion of the event in advertising, direct mail, e-mails and magazines.
4. Because you can enhance its image and give the vision you want to project.
5. Because the fair is an opportune time to grow, and position your company into the future.
6. Because you know that you can plan your competition and anticipate.
7. Because is the option market and trade more efficiently and effectively.
8. Because it is the indicated stage to open commercial horizons, find new uses for existing products and discover needs in other areas of the business.
9. Because you will have immediate return on Communication is key to decision making.
10. Because it’s the best opportunity to build loyalty with their customers.
11. Because you will have direct contact with current and prospective clients during the 4-day fair.
12. Because by participating in the fair, you save time and money having direct face to face contact with your customers and distribution in one space.
13. You can spread efficiently and effectively your offer, through direct interaction with the buyer at a strategic point.