Expotextil Perú 2017

From 18th to 21st October 2017 

The fairs return to their origin place...
Ciudad Ferial Costa Verde, San Miguel. Lima - Perú
Plastic Concept
Concepto 360


How can I be part of the conferences?

In order to participate in a conference, the company must have an innovative theme related to the textile industry – clothing, leather and footwear, which helps attendees to adapt to new technologies, processes, trends or management systems in production or services. The theme to be exhibited will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee.

Benefits Package

  • Participate as Exhibitor of a Technical Conference (*) of 50 minutes, in the day and hour designated by the Organization.
  • Include your Logo in the Promotional Brochure of the Conferences (5,000 copies).
  • Invite 70 of your Principal Customers to your Conference (Registered and confirmed previously) by your company.
    The room capacity will be for 200 people, that is, 130 additional people your clients will be able to benefit from your exposure.
  • 100 tickets for the Fair (30 for your company and 70 for your customers).
  • Distribute your brochures and / or publicity material to 200 people in the conference room.
  • Place a Gigantography in the Conference Auditorium during the 4 days of the Fair (Provided by the exhibiting company).
  • Include your Logo in the Main Banner of entry into the Conferences.

Participants at the conferences will have additional benefits to the lecture as: Coffee Service, materials, Block of notes, pens, among others, as well as will be attended at all times by staff of the Organization that will support the smooth development of the Conferences. The room comes equipped with Sound equipment, Multimedia Projector, Screen, etc.

Note (*): It is not possible to give commercial talks because it is not the main objective of the conferences that are developed in the Fair.

If you want to participate write us info@plastic-concept.com