Expotextil Perú 2017

From 18th to 21st October 2017 

The fairs return to their origin place...
Ciudad Ferial Costa Verde, San Miguel. Lima - Perú
Plastic Concept
Concepto 360

First pavilion of Training and Knowledge

I Textile Dialogue: “Strengthening the value chain”

  • Theme i: barriers that limit growth
  • Topic ii: looking for markets abroad
  • Topic iii: improving the productivity of the sector
  • Topic iv: Small Business and Business Growth

Technical Conferences

  • Digital Textile Production
  • Detergents and Dispersants for a dyeing of cotton in a single bath
  • How to reduce costs in micro and small business through electronic invoicing
  • Sustainability
  • Standardization and testing in the textile and clothing industry
  • 3D printing technology revolutionizes the world of fashion and design
  • Fashion trend in buttons
  • The Origins of the Peruvian Textile Industry: Fifteen Thousand Years of Andean Ancestral Fibers
  • How to simulate Production costs from the creation stage
  • Social Responsibility in the Textile Industry and Clothing
  • Laser in the textile segment and high fashion
  • The Control Software for Dying, finishing and stamping that revolutionizes the world

Management Conferences

  • Strategic Alignment through the use of Management Indicators
  • Business model of a textile company and its successful implementation with a Digital Transformation project
  • Scope of innovation in the textile sector
  • Excellence in human resources management
  • Overview and perspectives of the Textile Sector – Corporate Radiography
  • The management and motivation of the current generations in the company

Master Conferences

  • The Excellence Model as a Tool for Improving Management and Results “
  • Importance of knowledge management in the Textile Sector
  • Business Women’s Success Cases in the Textile Sector