Expotextil Perú 2017

From 18th to 21st October 2017 

The fairs return to their origin place...
Ciudad Ferial Costa Verde, San Miguel. Lima - Perú
Plastic Concept
Concepto 360

Rules for Visitors and / or buyers

Admission to the fair:

There will be presenting the invitation along with the data sheet in the registration area which must complete in full, it will be exchanged for a visitor’s badge, and to allow the entry during the 04 days of the event must be used at all times during your stay at the fair.

In the case of not having such an invitation must make a payment of S/. 50.00 (Fifty and 00/100 Nuevo Soles) at the box office of the venue.

Walking in the fair:

It is prohibited the distribution of flyers or brochures without permission of the Organizing Committee during their stay at the fair.

Will not run on the fairgrounds by eating and / or alcohol and in accordance with Law No. 25357 banned smoking in public places.

The entry of cameras, laptops, camcorders must be registered with the front door. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost or misplaced them.

It is strictly forbidden the entry of firearms unless the person is accredited as a member of the Armed Forces.

Security Personnel shall have the power to request review of your belongings, both in income and output and this will provide greater security to those attending the fair.

About minors:
The entry of children under than 15 years is PROHIBITED under the provisions of Civil Defense.
Please do not harm the event that can be closed for this reason

Any additional questions, please call: (511) 714 9558 or email: info@plastic-concept.com or during the event come to any of the service modules to be located at the venue.